Cloudvisor is an Advanced Tier Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), with AWS DevOps competency helping startups across the globe get the most out of AWS. As an official Scout for the AWS Activate program, they have the perfect mix of tools to maximize your project’s potential on AWS, by referring startups to the AWS Activate program to give them the opportunity to kick-start their service with AWS credits

  • Gives startups a n immediate 3% discount on AWS spend
  • 50% discount on Cloudfront service rates
  • Provides a pay-as-you-go model, technical support, up to $100k in AWS credits through the AWS Activate program

Cloudvisor’s core offering is AWS Resell, enabling companies to access AWS services at an attractive price. They have extensive experience in everything AWS-related, like infrastructure migration and  optimization projectsDevOps support, and much more.

Cloudvisor also specialize in AWS Edge, such as CloudFront and all AWS security-related services.


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