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Startups working with one of the global Miro Startup Program partners are eligible for a $1,000 credit.
You can request the application form directly from your accelerator, incubator or venture capitalist.

Individual startups are eligible for a $500 credit and are accepted on a case-by-case basis. 

Build, iterate, and design faster with Miro — the visual workspace for innovation.

Miro offers sophisticated bundles of capabilities built for all stages of innovation, from diagramming to workshops to code reviews, in a single integrated workspace designed for large-scale collaboration, eliminating tool silos and costs.

Miro has rich, ready-to-use native capabilities for teams of every size to build out their vision with a creative, collaborative edge. That means supporting workflows in every corner of your business.

Miro connects with over 130+ apps to align your team in one scalable, secure workspace.

Need a robust platform for wireframing, estimation, dependency mapping, retrospectives, and scaled product planning? It’s here — and it’s complemented by a powerful two-way sync with Jira.
Move ahead at full speed with quick feedback cycles using advanced facilitation tools, Talktrack to unlock asynchronous collaboration, and an interactive presentation experience to keep audiences engaged.
Create easy, fast flowcharts and journey maps with intelligent formatting, an extensive shapes library, advanced mind mapping, and connectors.
Say goodbye to tedious tasks — expand your thinking with auto-generated mindmaps, diagrams, code, and intelligent summaries of multiple sticky notes.
Bring documentation, designs, survey results, videos and live data, together in one ​​shared collaborative workspace. And you can do it all while leveraging Miro’s powerful integrations.
Track tasks in a flexible and dynamic kanban with integrated Jira cards and tables.


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